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2020 Artwork

In 2020 we wanted to embrace the spirit of perseverance in our graphic and race as a whole. Chief Dragging Canoe is the epitome of just that. He survived smallpox as a child, continuously averted death even though the majority of his life involved great risk (inter-tribal warfare, the American Revolutionary War, western world’s encroachment into the heart of the Cherokee Nation). He managed to maintain his home in East Tennessee/Appalachia/the gorge, even though his father gave up and gifted it (20 million acres) to the settlers. As he grew older, he worked to preserve Cherokee culture. Dragging Canoe is buried on a little creek near the Chattajack finish line.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to Chattajack’s 2020 artist Daniel Vincent, from Brazil.

Chattajack is honored to be working with members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to ensure a successful event serving to educate our participants in our area's rich Cherokee history and culture.


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