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Necessary Gear

Lifejacket or PFD

If you are paddling anything other than a prone paddleboard you are required to carry a US Coast Guard approved lifejacket. Without a lifejacket the USCG will make you exit the water. Racers are not required to wear lifejackets but must have them aboard their vessels.



Racers are required to begin the race carrying their own water (we recommend using a 70oz or 100oz hydration backpack). Aid stations will help resupply racers with water.

Other Gear Considerations

Although Chattajack does not require it, we strongly recommend that participants consider bringing the following gear for the day of the race:

  • Adequate nutrition

  • Strobe Lights

  • Wind blocking garments

  • Warm booties (SUPs)

  • Bright Garments (for increased visibility and safety)

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) device - there are NO mile markers on the course.

  • Leash

  • Helmet (kidding! Just seeing who's paying attention!)

Bib Number

Do not forget your Bib number on race morning! It has your timing chip in it. No bib = no time. (Please wear it on your front, left - That’s the side the timers will be on at the finish line.)

*A note about Headphones

Racers are STRONGLY discouraged from using anything such as headphones that may prohibit them from communicating with support boats, hearing boat traffic or possibly hearing a request from another racer.

Stand Up Paddleboard Requirements

The only board type eligible for use in this event is a displacement hull race board. No board shorter than 12’6 is permitted. Divisions for SUP include: Men’s and Women’s 12’6 or 14’, and Men’s Unlimited, which refers to a race board over 14’ in length.


Inflatable SUPs

We would prefer it if you did not use an inflatable, but we won’t stop you.
As long as it is a “race” style inflatable, 12’6 or longer.
It is your responsibility to get across the finish line in 8.5 hours. An inflatable isn’t the most efficient way to accomplish that but if you are comfortable with it, it’s fine with us.

Kayak or Surfski ?

The Chattajack “kayak” division is limited to the boats that are 20”+ wide. The surfski style designs like the Epic V8 and Stellar S18S have features very similar to this so they are grouped with the Kayak division.

Joseph DiChiacchio, co-owner of Surfski Syndicate, wrote a very helpful and detailed article on this subject specifically for Chattajack. Read it here.

Tandem kayak and Tandem surfski divisions are also differentiated solely based on width. If the vessel is 22” or greater we deem the vessel a tandem kayak. Anything less than 22” wide is considered tandem surfski. 

Outrigger Canoes

If you are racing in a Chattajack outrigger canoe division you may only use a single bladed paddle.

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