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Race Morning Shuttle


A mask is required to ride on the bus.

Seating on the bus will be every other row and every other seat.

Ideally, you would drop your board/boat off at Basecamp on Friday afternoon. If unable to do so on Friday, you will need to go by Basecamp early on race morning to drop off your vessel before driving to the finish line. (201 Riverfront Pkwy, Chattanooga, TN 37402)

On race morning, drive to the finish line (Hale’s Bar Marina, 1265 Hales Bar Rd, Guild, TN 37340) and leave your car there. (Approximate travel time from Chattanooga to Hales Bar Marina is 35-45 minutes.)

Shuttle buses will leave Hale’s Bar Marina at 6:30AM EST* sharp to bring you to the starting line in time for the Racer Meeting.

Racers may carry paddles and hydration units on the buses. Buses will arrive at Chattajack Basecamp at approximately 7AM.

*The race finish is in Central Time!! Make sure you know what time it is at the start line (Eastern Time). All times relating to Chattajack are EST.

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