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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Chattajack!



We have set up an online sign up for volunteers. It is not as rigid as it looks though! If you need to make adjustments to the “shift” please let us know, we will work with you to find a position that best fits you.


Please make sure you check your SPAM box occasionally for Chattajack emails, we don’t want you to miss anything! And, please do not wait until a few days before the race to contact us if you decide not to come.

It is your responsibility to know when, where and how your position works. We will provide you with all information and knowledge possible. Be sure to know what your assignment is, and what time you need to arrive. Please arrive 15 Minutes prior to your shift start time to check in.


Every volunteer that works their entire shift, checking in and out, is eligible for priority registration. The registration option will be made available shortly after the 2024 race, and expires in 30 days. Please be prepared to pay the entry fee.



Parking for Basecamp (Ross's Landing) is located across the street. It is a metered lot. The best deal is to pay the “All Day” fee of $6.00.

Parking at the finish line is very limited. Please carpool if possible. In 2021 Hales Bar Marina implemented their own $10 parking fee. Please be prepared to pay it. Call their office at 423-942-9000 with any questions.


CODE OF CONDUCT (while wearing your volunteer shirt)

Please remember to take your commitment to our event to heart, performing your duties to the best of your ability. Deal with conflicts or difficulties in an appropriate manner. If you are ever uncomfortable, unsure, or in over your head, call the Volunteer Coordinator, she is here to help. You are helping to create a very special day for a lot of athletes! Have fun and enjoy yourself!!



YEAH! You get a super rad Chattajack Volunteer T-shirt. You get to register early for 2025. You get to spend the day or weekend in one of the most beautiful places on earth! If you're over 21, you get a beer ticket and custom pint glass. We, and all the racers, thank you over and over and over!!! We truly appreciate you coming to volunteer!! Your role goes beyond the assigned task. It’s the atmosphere that you help create and the attitude you bring with you. You are not just helping us organize a race, you are contributing to each athlete’s goal of completing Chattajack! As volunteers you can change someone’s world, and in the process most likely, your own!


Read our Chattajack Volunteer Packet for more details and descriptions of all the volunteer jobs. *Please read BEFORE signing up. This will be made available in July/August 2024.*

Sign up will open August 2024
**Please please read the Volunteer Packet before signing up! **
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