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How sponsors support Chattajack & TRGT

In the coming days and weeks we’ll begin sharing with folks who some of the sponsors are for this year’s Chattajack. We personally can't thank them enough. Sponsors are a BIG deal at Chattajack for a number of reasons.

1. Some contribute generous items to the raffle of which 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Tennessee River Gorge Trust. Last year’s raffle alone raised $7,000+ for trgt. Items being contributed to this year’s raffle are already over the top and we can’t wait to begin sharing them.

2. Some CJ sponsors help support the infrastructure of the event ensuring everything race weekend is first class. Our paddlers put in the hard work throughout the year training, so we (with the help of our sponsors) work to set the ultimate stage.

3. One of this year’s Chattajack sponsors is simply writing a check to the TRGT in honor of the race. The only thing they ask in return…they want to be on-site race day, on a boat, playing music to cheer on racers. How cool is that?! They’re not concerned about exposure, branding, etc…they’re simply concerned about the gorge stewardship and racer stoke.

Sponsors put in a lot of resources and/or time in order to be an official part of Chattajack so please give them a high five and thank you if you see them race weekend!

Photo: Lawson Whitaker

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