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First ever OC-6 at Chattajack!

A piece of history happened at Chattajack in 2016. It was the first time an OC-6 team raced and it was powered by some special people many whom have a history with Chattajack. The OC-6 was the Hui Kai Wa'a North Outrigger Canoe Team made up of Karen Mirlenbrink (Caller/Seat 1), Humberto Curado (Seat 2), Eric Stanton (Caller/Seat 3), Denise Curado (Seat 4), Kip Koelsch (Seat 5), and steersman & captain Rob Mirlenbrink (Seat 6). It was a beautiful sight to witness watching the 44’ long vessel at full speed power through the gorge hardly flinching at the headwinds. The team’s time of 4hrs and 18minutes set a high benchmark for the division moving into the future and a hope that more OC-6 teams will compete in years to come. Big congrats guys, maybe you’ll have an OC-6 draft train in 2017!

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