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  • Chattajack Epic V7 Raffle

We have the Tennessee River Gorge Trust to thank for the 27,000 acres set aside for us to blank our minds within. And we have kayak to thank for donating a sik Epic V7 surfski to raffle off at Chattajack with all proceeds going to the Tennessee River Gorge Trust. The Tennessee River Gorge Trust protects the land and so much more. While you’re hard at work all day Saturday, know that within the hills above and around, the TRGT volunteers are working within the tree canopy, banding birds and monitoring their populations and diversity, to help determine the health of the ecosystem. It’s super cool that bird populations can tell us so much about the environmental health of the gorge. So buy a fat stack of raffle tickets when you’re at Friday’s check-in. Later, at the evening’s award ceremony you’ll have that moment…. “Seven, Two, Six, Five, Three, Three” “DUDE! THAT’S MY NUMBER! HOLY COW I OWN A SURFSKI!” Then, the next time you’re blazing the gorge on a solo vision quest and the birds are chirping, you’ll know they’re saying, “Thanks for helping make this our home”

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