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Congrats 2022 racers!

Twas another splendid Chattajack race this year! The weather was quite nice, winds stayed calm, and current was basically non-existent allowing us all to share a little more time on the water together this year haha! Congrats again to all the racers who took to the challenge and collected a finisher medal, a new skateboard at the after-party award ceremony, and especially those of you who walked away with a shiny new belt buckle. Hopefully you’ve had time to get your hands on a nice belt to accompany your new 5 year investment! A lot of work goes into that achievement, congrats!

Final results by division:

Overall results:

Course Records:

Some great photos from this year’s race are online at:

More from Deb Stipa are coming soon!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Tennessee River Gorge Trust raffle! We broke all the previous records for our monetary contributions aiding in their ecological and conservancy efforts within the gorge, amazing!!

Next year’s Chattajack race date has been set for Saturday, October 28, 2023 so we hope to see you all back in the gorge for amazing day.

Thank you again to all the amazing folks who volunteer this year! You should have recently received an invitation to register for the 2023 race! Not a bad option since you’ll be able to get a couple extra hours of sleep when calendars roll over to May 1st!

Thank you as well and again to all the awesome people we had the opportunity to work with as a sponsor for the 2022 race: Huma, Sweetwater Brewing, QuickBlade, BARK, KayakTrader, Epic, Stellar, Hobo Squad, Ozone Outrigger Zone, Mayfield, 148 Films, and Mayfield Dairy!

photos: Rick White


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