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Chattajack 2023 is in the books!

Overall & division results are posted on the website, hopefully everyone and every vessel arrived back home safe and sound, and hopefully you’re still surfing a wave of fun memories.

Thank you so much to all the Chattajack 2023 volunteers who make the experience possible. It takes an army of volunteers to pull this thing off and you blow us away with your enthusiasm, creativity, and stoke year after year. Thank you Stacey Malecky, Sarah Barnes, and Amy Campbell for all you do to organize the countless volunteer teams before, during, and after the race. Your tenureship and CJ experience allows the participant experience to keep elevating year after year! Shout out to all the boat captains who serve to keep everyone safe.

Another special thanks to Chattajack’s 2023 Sponsors!

The Chattajack experience would not be the same without your partnerships.

You all go so big year after year!

This year we had nearly $10,000 in prizes benefiting the Tennessee River Gorge Trust raffle thanks to BARK (Thank you Joe!), Flying Fish (Thanks John!), Quickblade (Thanks Jimmy!), Epic (Thanks Bruce!) and HippoStick (Thanks Danny & Corey!). Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets raising a whole bunch of cash for the TRGT team.

Thank you HUMA for helping stock our aid stations and powering folks through the gorge.

The HoboSquad aways pushing stoke-meters to eleventeen.

Sweetwater Brewery – Dude, the beer, pint glasses were back in the house, you guys are just straight up awesome!

Stellar – Love having industry leaders on-site with sic gear. Thanks Dave!

Chattajack newcomer Giant Fish, hopefully everyone had a moment to check out their booth. Awesome selection of both tech and lifestyle threads. Thanks Scott!

Mayfield with chocolate milks in true Chattajack finishline fashion.

EPB, thanks for the finish line wireless!

Ozone Outrigger– Always making it happen with the support, clinics, and gear.

Erwin Marina – thanks to you guys for allowing our support boats to squeeze in at your marina another year so we’re set and ready to make the magic happen race morning.

Tennessee River Gorge Trust – Thank you for the many things you do each year to make this event possible and thank you for your stewardship in the Tennessee River Gorge.

Chattajack 2023 is now a dream but one not soon forgotten. The warm temps, the re-gathering, the many new gorge maiden voyages, and a fun award ceremony. Leading into race weekend each year, racers are typically watching Mother Nature for a cold-curve-ball but this year it came in a little warm! Flows (current) were a bit lower than previous years so breaking course records was a little out of reach but we did have some new division standards set with: the first Women’s Tandem Surfski by Shannon Greenhill and Paula Burks coming in at 4 hours and 44 minutes (Congrats Ladies!), Surfski-3 Bruce Gipson, Edmund Joy, and Scott Cummins blazin the gorge sub 4 with a 3 hours and 58 min finish time (Congrats fellas!), and Christina Gonzalez in Womens Unlimited SUP finishing in 6 hours and 24 minutes (Way to go Christina!).

Our film & videography team 148 Films, seasoned CJ veterans now in their third year captured tons of footy via the sky, support boats, interviews, go-pros, etc. Now comes the fun part assimilating a puzzle to put it all together again. We are as excited to see what they produce as I’m sure all of you are. Stay tuned, the finished product will be shared very soon.

2023 Chattajack podium finishers & 5-year belt buckle recipients, congrats to each and every one of you! WooHoo! It was an absolute honor to bestow upon you your new title and respective hardware. Go forth with pride!

Chattajack 2024 will take place on Saturday October 26th and we hope to see you there! It’s this time of year that we begin the search for our next artist in residency. If you know an illustrator with a great vibe and might be a great fit drop us a message (, we’d love to check em out!

And so, until the stroke of midnight May 1st, we wish you all a peaceful and wonderful journey.


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