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Hobo Finish Line Sprint prizes

We’ve all been a gypsy at one point in time or another, life was free and easy, nothing held us back. Our belongings fit in the back seat of a car… yeah…those were the days. The one thing that was always in the stash was a bottle opener unless you were the dude that used his or her teeth bless your heart. Point is, people need teeth therefore people need bottle openers. People also need to dominate and win trophies which is exactly why each division winner in the Hobo Squad Finish Line Sprint will be going home with these radtastic creations from the mind of the head hobo himself Patrick Broemmel. Next time your amigo, next of kin, significant other, drafting buddy, or prom date asks for a bottle opener just hand over the Hobo Finish Line Sprint trophy to them and play cool.

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