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J & J Rax 2015 Sponsor!

Rax and Jacks, a perfect match! Numerous fast Jacks will be cruising home with some of these rad rax ! Stoked to have J&J Rax on board for this year’s CJ. Our personal favorite thing about these styling racks is they’re chic enough to hang over the fireplace mantle or perhaps a replacement for the massive family photo in the living room. The empty rax will also need a new piece of glass to show off when there’s company so call your local shaper and tell em the news and to prepare to make their masterpiece! Make your significant other proud and be one of the first across the finish line so you can play out the above chain of events! Check out their website and you’ll see why we’re proud to have J & J on the Chattajack team this year.

Here’s a little more about J & J: J&J Rax was established on Amelia Island, FL by two friends, Jeremy & Jacques. Jacques’ passion for surfing and style combined with Jeremy’s unparalleled craftsmanship emerged into a rack design to share with the rest of the world. It all started after an exhausting search for a functional and attractive surfboard rack. Every rack we found on the market would either rip out of the wall, put unnecessary stress on the board or was just plain ugly. Just as we prepared to settle for a lesser quality product the vision for J&J Rax was born. Jeremy solved the wall mounting issue by designing the patented two hole slotted hanging system. Our unique racks allow two points of attachment on the wall, while still permitting an angle that is required to fully support your board. This innovation enables you to put twice as much weight on our racks, giving you peace of mind when hanging your favorite boards. The other part of our equation was we wanted something that looks great, with or without a board. Every set of J&J Rax are custom pieces of art having inherent character not found in any other rack. Each rack will have imperfections, brush strokes and design characteristics that will never be replicated. Anyone who purchases a J&J rack will have the confidence of an over built custom rack that will last a lifetime. After spending over a year on refinements we have what we believe is the best surfboard wall rack ever created and now proudly offer it to the world! We truly appreciate your interest. Please contact us anytime with your questions and feedback.

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