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Toyota sponsors Chattajack

We’re proud to announce Toyota of Cleveland as a premier 2015 Chattajack sponsor! We couldn’t be more stoked on this partnership for the race this year. Toyota of Cleveland will be sponsoring the Chattajack athletic t-shirts. Chattajack athletic jerseys will have the unique (super awesome) 2015 race logo on the front, 2015 Chattajack crest on the back, and will now don the Toyota of Cleveland logo on the sleeve. Their support helps us continue to enhance the overall Chattajack experience as well as help with the mission of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust. Thank you Toyota of Cleveland!

We’re almost out of winter…

We will SOON be paddling in sunshine and warm water again, but have you stopped to consider what this winter season brought to you this year? Hannah Shadrick at the Tennessee River Gorge Trust shared her thoughts and some beautiful photography in a blog that might help you appreciate the cold months a little more….

photo by: Kevin Livingood

“We sometimes forget we are natural creatures with natural rhythms. As a society, we’ve outsmarted even ourselves, creating tools and means to work faster and harder and more. Just generally MORE.” Read the rest here, and enjoy what’s left of winter!

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