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2015 Registration, Ross’s Landing, Kona Brewing

With your help, Chattajack has grown each year. We have big plans for 2015, including a move to Ross’s Landing, across the River. Ross’s Landing is a large green space/city park beside the TN Aquarium and right on the water. There we will have a 300ft long floating dock, allowing for easy water access. This move will also give us more space to create a Chattajack “Basecamp” with a huge 40’x60’ tent, and allow for a single location for your Registration check-in, the awards ceremony and infinite, secure board/boat storage. We believe this change will be a huge improvement in the race logistics and experience. For this reason, we have decided to raise registration fees by $25.

Registration Info

Registration opens May 1

From May 1st to 31st—$125

In June registration will be CLOSED. sure the entire process goes smoothly for you. We’ll be out of the country and away from our computers for all of June, therefore, registration will be turned off.

We like to be available for you during the registration process to answer questions, address concerns and make

July 1st to 31st—$150

August 1st to September 30th—$175

Registering early helps us better prepare to spoil Chattajacks with the best experience possible. We hope everyone is having a great January and high-fives to those that have already begun training for this year’s gorge race!

We have our first official Chattajack 2015 sponsor!

Kona Brewing Company has played a big part in Chattajack for the past 2 years and they’re fired up for 2015 again. We’re working hard to make 2015 extra special and in so doing we’re making sure we’ve got the right partners to create the ultimate Chattajack experience. Thanks for all you do for Chattajack racers Kona!

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