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Hammer Nutrition Chattajack Gorge Course Nutrition Sponsor

Thanks to awesome people like you, you, and you, Hammer Nutrition has partnered with Chattajack. This year’s aid stations will be supplied with tons and tons of calories by means of 2 great Hammer products: Hammer Gels and Hammer Bars.

We don’t take our role lightly in supporting Chattajack racers achieve the finish line. While we may not be there to pour cold water over your head at 5AM for those early morning training sessions we can do our part to make sure there are logs to put on the fire throughout the course. In doing so we will have 2 floating aid stations (approx. Mile 15 and 25, more info coming soon). Each aid station will have an abundant supply of Hammer Gels & Hammer Bars as well as water to refill your hydration packs/water bottles.

Finding a nutrition sponsor this year who could provide enough product to support the number of racers we have this year (200) wasn’t an easy task. Thank you Dottie for your help bringing this to fruition.

Hammer Nutrition is also offering a discount to Chattajack racers:

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