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Electronic Timing in 2014

We’ve been able to keep things simple (stop-watch/buoy tag) during the first 2 years of Chattajack with timekeeping. With increasing numbers of racers and managing the accompanying timing data we’ve decided to go the electronic route beginning in 2014. The team at Scenic City Multisport is modernizing the Chattajack finish line with their state-of-the-art Jaguar timing system.

We’ve also decided to make the finish line more fun for both racers as well as spectators. This year as racers round the corner of the old Hale’s Bar Dam they’ll follow the line of buoys leading them toward the dock where the buoy was in previous years. Racers will then paddle parallel and a few feet out from the dock finishing the remaining 300 yards. At the end of the dock the electronic timing system will record your official time. The finish line is of course in the water as before. This will make the finish SUPER FUN for spectators as they can run, kick, and scream feet from racers during their final 300-yard sprint to the finish line. (Scenic City Multisport also came up with the idea to add an additional timing monitor at the beginning of the final sprint. It will be interesting to see who had gas in the tank for the final 300 after having completed the gorge.)

Hale’s Bar Dam & Chattajack finish line

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