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Meet Chattajack Junior Milla Navarro

Milla Navarro Age: 14 Hometown: Miami, Florida

What board (length, design) do you currently paddle in races? •12’6 x 24 KM Compressor HP

What do you like about it? • Slices through chop and catches bumps easily when down-winding. I haven’t surfed it yet! It also keeps its momentum when switching sides to paddle. My favorite things though are the quick and stable buoy turns I’m able to do!

Current paddle: •QuickBlade Micro Fly 66 sq in.

What do you like about it? •I can keep a quick cadence and it puts less stress on my shoulders and joints.

How many days do you paddle per week? •4 to 5.

What things do you like to eat/drink on long paddling days? •Peanut Butter Jelly sandwiches and a homemade energy drink my dad makes.

What type of hydration unit do you use? •VestPac

Who are some of your paddling partners? •Me and my dad always train together. When we recreational paddle my sister and mom tag along too.

Who are some of your paddling heroes? •Kai Lenny, Bailey Rosen, and Jorge Navarro (Dad)

Describe a typical paddling session if there is one? •Currently I am working on long distance for Chattajack, but for shorter mileage I do intervals, beach starts, etc.

What is your strategy for the Chattajack course? •I just need to pace myself, and make sure I’m paddling at a good average speed. Most importantly though, i want to finish. I’m looking forward to pushing my limits and making memories. These are the reasons why I decided to compete in Chattajack.

What were some of the longer distance days you have done to prepare for CJ? •26 miles so far.

How would you describe your paddle stroke? What elements are you trying to incorporate into it? •With my new Micro Fly, i am now working on a higher cadence paddle stroke. In doing that, i have been focusing on a clean entry and exit at the new rate. The goal is to not change too much prior to Chattajack. I am messing around with foot placement and stances. I think most paddlers have a combination of styles they use and not particularly one style. (Ex Tahitian vs Hawaiian)

What do you like to do for fun in your family’s VW van while traveling to races? •Listen to music, play ukulele, and enjoy the scenery.

What’s your favorite part of paddling? •I love the fact that paddling can be done on any body of water. Lakes up in the mountains, down rivers, in the ocean, etc. It is also a great and fun way to stay healthy and fit.

Does your dad draft you or do you draft him?! Funny you ask that. He drafts me ALL THE TIME. Just kidding I usually draft him to understand and try out new things. I mostly try to get out of the wind or chop though. Haha.

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