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Chattajack COVID Action Plan

*This page may be added to and updated as the 2021 race approaches. Please check back regularly.*

Greetings Chattajack athletes,

The guidelines set forth in this document serve to protect you and our incredible volunteers. While it’s not possible to eliminate all health risks due to COVID, our goal is to create the safest environment possible. Our Chattajack COVID action plan strives to reduce touch-points, enhance hygiene, and educate racers/volunteers on protocols. By familiarizing yourself with the plan prior to race weekend we can optimize safety & smoothness/flow. Chattajack has and will continue to monitor and abide by the standards set forth by federal and local government healthcare agencies. 

So, here’s what to expect at the 2021 Chattajack! 



● Face coverings are appreciated/expected inside the Chattajack Basecamp tent as well as when communicating with Chattajack volunteers at board storage. If by chance you forget your own, we will have plenty available upon request. 

● Port O Johns will be spaced out and equipped with Lysol and hand sanitizer. 

Pre-Race Check-In:
● In Queue - Please adhere to 6’ standard social distancing guidelines. 

● Pre-Race Check-In will take place in the traditional large Chattajack tent although the check-in stations will be spread out. 25 racers will be allowed in the tent at any given time. Upon entering the tent, please put on your mask and follow the directional flow from station to station until your check-in is complete. 

Pre-Race Check-In Hours on Friday: 3-7pm

Board/Boat Check-In Hours: 12-7pm

Board/Boat Storage:
● Please be respectful of social distancing.  After your vessel has been placed in basecamp storage we ask that you exit the area.  If you wish to socialize/congregate please do so outside the storage area perimeter.

● Please wear your mask when interacting with the volunteers at Vessel Storage.



Shuttle Bus Protocol:
Buses will depart from Hale’s Bar Marina promptly at 6:30 AM, Saturday morning. Bus riders are expected to wear masks. Parking can be tight Saturday morning at the marina, so please arrive early to ensure you find a place to park and are ready to board buses in time.

Face Masks Saturday Morning Basecamp:
Racer’s (and spectators) are again expected to wear face masks at basecamp. Racers are expected to wear masks until boarding vessels in the water. Once on the water, you’re free to remove it. Please: Tuck it away and use it at the finish line floating docks.

Nutrition/Aid stations:
● During these unprecedented times, Chattajack requests all participants to practice self-reliance by carrying all nutrition and hydration needed in order to complete the course. By not relying upon aid stations we can minimize touch points, thereby increasing the safety of CJ volunteers and your fellow racers.

● Aid Stations 1, 2, and 3 will still be on course for those in need of on course assistance.
Please Note: Water at aid stations will be self-serve.

Finish Line:
● Floating docks will be in place serving to assist racers exiting the water.  Volunteers will be available at the floating docks to assist with getting your vessel out of the water.  We kindly ask that you give yourself ample time to personally recover after completing your race, so that you can take care of getting yourself on the dock without assistance, and minimal contact from volunteers.  

● Please allow ample space between you and other racers queued to exit via floating docks. 

● It is expected that racers re-apply face masks upon arriving at our floating docks for the protection of our volunteers and staff. If you don’t have your own we will provide you with one. 

● Port O Johns (equipped with Lysol & hand sanitizer) will be on-site. 

● Please be mindful of your personal nutrition garbage/packaging while exiting your vessel and make sure it is properly disposed of. 


SATURDAY EVENING - Awards Ceremony  & After-Party

Historically Chattajack’s award ceremony has taken place inside the large basecamp tent.  To help reduce risk and create a safer environment for participants, the 2021 award ceremony will be weather dependent with the following options:

● Option 1 (Good Weather)
We sincerely hope the weather will be good Saturday evening allowing us to facilitate Chattajack’s award ceremony outdoors at Ross’s Landing’s waterfront edge (vessel storage area). The large concrete stairs leading down to the river will serve as seating, facing the podium and band. Award ceremony guests are welcomed & encouraged to bring your own chairs, umbrellas, pop-up tent, etc. for yourself and those in your immediate group. Food trucks, the beer trailer and Slim Pickins will be onsite just like old times.  Dress warmly in case of colder temperatures! There will not be any snacks inside the tent. Water and sodas will be available at an outside station.

● Option 2 (Bad Weather: i.e. Rain, heavy winds)
In the event of bad weather, the awards ceremony gathering is cancelled. Division awards & 5 Year Belt Buckles will be available for pick-up at the Chattajack basecamp tent between 7-9 PM Saturday night or on Sunday morning from 8-9 AM.  If you know (or believe) that you earned a podium spot in your respective division, your award will be awaiting you.  Race results will be available on
Run Sign Up no later than 6pm, to help determine eligibility.  

Racers will be notified on Friday at Pre-Race Check-In which of the two options will take place. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and familiarize yourselves with the information above. The more we can enhance hygiene and minimize touch-points the safer/happier everyone will feel throughout the race weekend!

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