2020 Virtual Chattajack

We are humbled and saddened to have announced that CJ 2020 has been cancelled due to the global pandemic.  In response to some of the outreach, we would like to offer the option of a virtual paddle race.  It’s a far cry from the real deal but we’re excited to present a platform promoting some friendly competition across a diverse geographic platform, online camaraderie, and a healthy way to stay focused and motivated during this challenging season the world is going through together.



1. Choose anywhere you want to paddle/race 16 or 31 miles during the window of October 1st – October 24th.  Hint: Go where Mother Nature will help you i.e. a long fast river or perhaps an oceanic downwinder! 

2. Make sure and take your GPS device for bragging rights and submit a link to your paddle if you want! (Speedcoach/Garmin/Strava whatevs you got). 

3. Submit your data to us, or don't, but definitely ENJOY your paddle. Send us photos and videos too! All submitted times and results will be kept under wraps until October 31st.


Registration will stay open through October 24th.

Chattajack is honored to be working with members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to ensure a successful event serving to educate our participants in our area's rich Cherokee history and culture.

We realize a virtual race isn’t the same as walking down a gangway with hundreds of fellow paddlers, music blaring, vibes on point, feels for the reals, BUT we’re excited about this CJ virtual edition for a couple reasons: 1. It will be the first time we get to paddle our own race in a number of years haha! Look out You, we’re coming for ya!  2. We’re excited to see all the creative ways and places people harness Mother Nature to blast like a rocket ship through 16 or 31 miles. 3. Lastly, during this time of pandemic unrest we’re excited at the opportunity of creating a catalyst of celebrating you and your personal virtual 16 or 31 mile race/epic with the hopes of introducing you to the broader community.  


Open to ALL paddlers SUP, PRONE, KAYAK, OC1, SURFSKI, FOIL or anything you can paddle.  NO awards just bragging rights.


Continental US: $55 USD includes gear and shipping

International: $85 USD (due to shipping costs)

All entrants will be mailed a Chattajack backpack with an athletic race t-shirt, CJ water bottle, stickers, and finisher medal. Entry fee includes domestic/international shipping. All packets will be mailed out after the race. (First week of November).

If you were already registered for the original 2020 race:

You will have the option of rolling your registration over to the Virtual Race. You should have an email explaining how to do this. Your refund of the price difference will be issued no later than September 15th.


Will 2020 count towards the 5 Year Belt Buckle?

No. This year will be skipped. You do not have to paddle the virtual race to earn your buckle, and if you do paddle it, it will not count towards your buckle. We hope you join us for a global Chattajack paddle either way!

I was registered for the real race and opted to switch to virtual. When will I receive my partial refund?

Please give us a few weeks to process all the registration changes and refunds. If you don't receive your refund by September 15th please email us at info@chattajack.com. Thank you

I was registered for the real race. If I do the virtual one do I still get priority registration for 2021 to reclaim my spot?

Yes! You absolutely do. We appreciate you registering for 2020. You will definitely still get to re-register early for 2021.

I am registered for the real race but I don't want to do the virtual one. How do I get my refund?

If you ARE NOT interested in the Virtual Race:
Please log into your Run Sign Up account and REQUEST A REFUND. This will be available from Friday August 7 – Friday, August 28.

Here is a link to walk you through the process:


The refund will be 100%. We apologize for the change in how this is being handled. Please let us know if you have any questions, we’re here and happy to help.

I registered for the Virtual Race, when do I get my swag?

All racer packets will be mailed out after the race. (First week of November).

How do I update my mailing address on my registration?

You can edit your registration in your Run Sign Up account. Follow this link for instructions!

How do I find my Digital Bib?

To find your digital bib, log into your Run Sign Up account and follow these steps.

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