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Chattajack Veterans

Chattajack Veterans!

All you seasoned Chattajack veterans, you know the terrain, you know what Mother Nature can do and that the struggle is REAL, and you know the groove at basecamp and for the entirety of the weekend. You want to know what to expect in 2017 so this is for you!

RACE FIELD: Expect to see a lot more people in the line-up with you. The field of racers is going to be a good bit larger this year. In 2015 & 2016 the water got pretty choppy off the start line which means it’ll probably be a little choppier this year again. If you want to avoid it either get out in front of it otherwise keep your legs loose until the wash settles.

BASECAMP: The main road, Riverfront Parkway, will be closed at the block where the Chattajack basecamp is set up. You’ll still be able to get around the basecamp by driving one city block over and around if you’re trying to bypass or trying to get to the parking lot, just don’t be surprised when you pull up to basecamp and you see official city signage that says “Road Closed”. The official 2017 Chattajack basecamp tent will be in the large square of grass across the road from where it used to be (about 100’). The tent needed to almost double in size again this year so we had to move it across the street. Basecamp just went to a whole new level of rad.

ID BRACELETS: Upon checking in you will receive a bracelet identifying you as an official 2017 Chattajack racer. The bracelet lets us know you belong inside board storage Friday night and/or Saturday morning, it lets us know you’re a registered racer on the water Saturday, and it helps us identify racers and their families entering basecamp tent Saturday night.

BOARD/BOAT STORAGE: Board storage will be the same again this year as it has been the past two years there will just be more designated space. The bottom grass terrace will no doubt completely fill up with boards so we’ll have more room on the top grass terrace (where Chattajack basecamp tent was in 2016 & 2017). Volunteers will be here to assist. Just like previous years – the storage area is solely for your paddle craft (Please no accessories i.e. - paddles, garments, electronics).

NUTRITION: Clif is the official 2017 nutrition sponsor this year and they’re fired up to have representatives on-site at this year’s race to celebrate you guys and help you achieve your personal best. You’ll see them at basecamp as well as on the course.

FINISHLINE PARKING: If you’re using the shuttle Saturday morning from Hale’s Bar Marina to Basecamp get there early. There will be more cars. Chattajack volunteers will be on-site at Hale’s Bar Marina helping cars find parking spaces and also ensuring drivers park properly to utilize the space efficiently.

SECOND CUT-OFF LOCATION: Sullivan’s at Mile 23. The cut-off for this point is 6 hours. Suck Creek (Mile 10) will still be enforced as well at 2.5 hours.

RACE START TIME: The Mandatory Safety Meeting will take place at 7:30 AM followed by the National Anthem. Heat 1 gun time will be 8:30 AM. Heat 2 gun time will be 30 minutes after Heat 1 (9AM).

Lastly!!! Please don’t forget to thank the volunteers during race weekend!! Give 'em a high-five, shaka, shout out, a crisp $20, haha! For real though Chattajack wouldn’t be possible without their support.


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