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Why is Chattajack at the end of October??

We get asked this question all the time, and there’s actually a bunch of reasons that we think you’ll agree with!

  1. Fall Air Temps – The air temperatures in the Tennessee River Gorge during the fall are typically ideal. It may be a little cool certain days but it definitely won’t be blazing hot. Summertime temperatures in the gorge will hover in the high 90’s for weeks/months. Add in the humidity and the heat index is often well over 100 degrees. Not ideal for a distance race. Winter can be brutally cold and spring time can have nice temperatures but strong storm systems in the spring are more frequent.

  2. Fall Foliage – Fall colors in the mountains of Tennessee are amazing! The color change peak has a lot of factors that influence the vividness as well as when the peak will occur. Chattajack race weekend is positioned so that there will be color on the walls of the gorge.

  3. Adventure – there is always a chance that a cold snap will come through the Appalachian Mountains on race weekend like it did for Chattajack in 2013. If it does, be ready!

  4. Water temps – If the air temps are on the cooler side at least the water will still be warm! Water temps during Chattajack race weekend are typically in the mid 70’s.

  5. Additional Funs - While you’re in town racing Chattajack grab a bike and cruise the river walk, drive up to one of the overlooks (Signal Point, Point Park, Snoopers Rock, Raccoon Mountain), take a ride on the River Gorge Explorer, explore downtown Chattanooga on foot or bike, go for a nice warm up paddle, the list is endless. It’s a great time of year to do so many fun things while you’re in town to race Chattajack, plan to stay an extra day on the front or back end of your trip.

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