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10 Things You Won’t Know Until Race Day

  1. Air Temperature – 2013 had crazy lows race day morning, getting as cold as the upper 20’s!

  2. Wind Direction & Speed – Take a look at the weather forecast a couple days out or better yet, flip a coin! The wind does all kinds of interesting things in the gorge.

  3. Visibility/Fog – The combination of warm water and cool air makes for some foggy fall mornings.

  4. The flow in the river – Hope you didn’t sign up because someone said, “there’s current!”... TVA controls the water flow. Their website gives a 3 day “prediction” but they don’t always hold to it.

  5. Your Draft Train – It’s going to be crazy and awesome.

  6. How you’re going to feel race day morning - Sleep much?... probably shouldn’t have had one more IPA but you were so stoked to be with paddling friends!... Stayed up too late checking and double-checking gear? Surfing CJ’s Facebook stoke posts?

  7. Exactly how you’re going to feel at mile 25- This is probably the easiest to predict… ugh.

  8. What you want to eat after the 5th hour - Where’s your mind going to wander to…Shoney’s buffet, pizza, KFC, Aretha Frankenstein’s, BACON? Don’t forget Mayfield’s chocolate milk will be waiting on you at the finish line so curb the food network dreams for a few more miles and keep paddling!!

  9. What you’ll do if you have to pee – Don’t let your draft train bestie catch you with a yellow river running down your leg!

  10. How it feels to start a race with 500 new best friends. – This is the biggest Chattajack EVER so it’ll be a new feeling for even the 5th year veterans!

Things you can control: Have your gear, garments, stroke, stoke and nutrition dialed.

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