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New Chattajack Website

A huge thank you to the entire team at Figure Five for their help creating the new Chattajack website. When we first began working on the website the main goal was creating a platform that could capture the first 2 years of the event, 2012 and 2013. The people who have come together on this special day in October over the past 2 years are what make this event and we want to preserve this legacy. We tried to hand select racer thumbnails and graphics specific to the Chattajack race. Although the fog made for a challenging 2013 race start, it did leave us with some fantastic photos to commemorate the day.(Thank you Jason Geiger and Dottie Hodges)

We’re also super stoked on how the Results page turned out. Race times can be easily displayed by division or cumulative. Until now we were limited by the parameters of a template but now we’re stoked with this custom site unique as the CJ course itself. Thanks again to the Figure Five team.

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